NBMBAA Conference 2012

What is meant by dangerous goods and workplace settings and how to handle them?

The danger is there wherever work is in progress. It is not confined to the places or work places where there are chemical exposures or dangerous settings like working on a cliff or cutting a road at the brink of a mountain, rather risks and dangers are there everywhere. Even a person who is working in a garage or in his workshop could be in danger because of the tools he is using or the heavy equipment around him. Whether you agree or not, there is always need to be aware of all such hazards and need a helpful hand to help you cope with all such situations.

For this purpose, the national and international organizations in Australia, which are working for workplace health and safety concerns, have devised certain courses and training programs to help people learn to manage the dangers and risky situation easily and effectively. WHS training offers dangerous goods training, Confined Space Training and also asbestos awareness training programs to ensure you become equipped enough and handle all risks in a better way.

Dangerous situations also include workplaces on the road where there is a lot of traffic and dangerous places like roads around a cliff or steep slope can pose great dangers to the workers as may cause lots of issues during the work. In addition to this, people working at such places may have to work with dangerous tools and equipments that require continuous supervision and care. For all such settings, people having traffic control courses, Manual Handling Training, and traffic control training have been included in major workplace health a safety courses.

Additionally, these courses also offer a full fledge risk awareness training to avoid any surrounding risk or exposure to dangerous chemical likes asbestos. The Asbestos awareness course as well as CERT IV OHS make it essential for all professionals, getting certified and trained as OHS and WHS experts, to complete these courses and become aware of all the responsibilities in various settings.


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